Walther P-22 Semi-Automatic Pistol

Well, the Ruger .357 was quite an education. It is hellish to shoot, very intimidating (to the shooter as well as anyone downrange) and not cheap. With that gun, I started to understand that it’s going to take a lot of shooting to gain any degree of proficiency and, at $0.25 a pop, the .357 is an expensive way to learn to shoot.

So, today I bought a nice little Walther P-22 semi-automatic pistol that shoots the cheapest ammunition around, the 22 LR (Long Rifle) cartridge. I got one with the short 3.42" barrel paying $209.00 at Sportsman’s Warehouse, a great price. As with the Ruger .357, the paperwork and FBI background check took only a couple of minutes and I went out the door with gun and ammunition shortly after arriving empty handed.

I can shoot the Federal bulk pack ammunition from Walmart for less than two (2) cents a shot. And the recoil is much, MUCH more manageable.

The downsides include the relatively long and not-very-easy trigger pull and the short sight radius.

But regardless, this is a fun gun to shoot!


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