Ruger and Walther Sold at Gun Show

I sold both the Ruger .357 New Blackhawk and the Walther P-22 semi-automatic pistols at a gun show today.

I taped signs to the back of my jacket describing the guns and my asking price and walked around the show alternatively looking at things and just trying to have my signs be seen.

The Walther was the first to go. A guy came up and asked a few questions about it. I showed it and allowed him to handle the gun as I talked up how much fun it was to shoot. He noted my price and said he would think about it. Two hours later, he came up to me again (and I knew I had a fish on the line). He asked to look at it again. As he was trying out how it felt in his hand he commented he really wanted the “camo” (camoflouge) model because it was for his wife and he thought she would like that. Seizing the opportunity I countered that “black is sexier.” He paused a moment and then made a counter offer of $220. (I paid $209.00 plus tax.) I said, “Deal!” He gave me his driver’s license and I copied down the details onto two copies of the Bill of Sale I had previously prepared. He paid cash, I gave him the gun and the receipt, and we went our separate ways.

The Blackhawk didn’t sell until almost the end of the day. I was beginning to think it would be going home with me because no one had shown any particular interest. But shortly before 5:00PM, a man came up and asked to take a look. As before, I talked about how much fun it was to shoot. He nodded and said it was going to be a gift and asked my bottom price. Expecting him to try to undercut whatever I said, I quoted a number $50 above my absolute bottom line of $250 and, sure enough, he countered with an offer of $275. (I originally paid $259.95 plus tax.) I tried to look like I was struggling with whether or not I should sell but finished the act in a few seconds and said, “Ok.” As before, I copied his driver’s licence information onto the two previously prepared Bill of Sale statements, collected his cash and gave him the gun and his copy of the paperwork.

Bottom line: I sold both the Walther and the Ruger for more than I paid before taxes and came very close to what I paid including taxes. And during the time I had these guns, I shot a lot of lead downrange, learned a whole lot, and had a great time. Not bad, not bad at all.

Wonder how long the cash will stay in my pocket?

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