Trigger Job on the 1911

On a personal recommendation, I contacted Mike Kelly for a trigger job on the Springfield Armory Mil-Spec (1911 in .45 caliber). He invited me to his shop/home.

When I arrived, we sat on the living room couch while I briefed Mike on what I wanted and how I planned to use the gun.

“I will be shooting Bullseye,” I said, “but may decide to do hardball with it later so I want changes that are compatible with both, or that can be undone or redone as required. Primarily I’m looking for a trigger job and a longer trigger. Down the road I will change out the sights and put in a competition barrel and bushing, but those will come later.”

Mike asked, “Okay, how long do you have?”

Thinking he meant days and weeks I answered, “Well, it can take as long as it needs, I can wait, but obviously I’d like to start shooting it as soon as I can.”

Mike nodded and said, “Okay, come on back to the shop.”

He meant hours, as in Now!

And, over the next three hours, I got an education as well as the longer trigger, much better trigger release and a couple of other touch-ups that Mike threw in. I left with a profoundly improved trigger, a Bo-Mar rear sight (to have someone with a mill install), my old trigger, a thorough demonstration on how to do a full strip and reassembly of the 1911, and answers to dozens of questions that came to mind as I watched Mike do the work.

All for less than a hundred bucks.

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