Ordered 1,000 Reloads of 45 ACP

I sent 1,000 empty pieces of 45 ACP brass to Neil at NSK Sales along with a check for $155.35 to reload them as “wad” (Bullseye) ammunition. My total cost per round will be at $0.16 per round after adding in the postage for the empty brass. (The check consisted of $121.25 for the reloads and $34.10 for the return shipping.) The cheapest ammunition I had been able to find is the 100 round white box of Remington from Walmart and, at $19.95 (plus tax), that ammunition works out to be $0.22 per round. Neil’s reloads are seven cents a round cheaper.

The next notch on the “cheaper ammunition” ladder is doing my own reloading but that has a relatively high startup cost. Although I could probably start reloading for about $200.00 and at a cost of about $0.08 per round, all the Bullseye shooters say I will tire of the single-stage reloader (at that cost) pretty fast. Almost universally, they recommend one of the progressive presses from Dillon, especially the 550B which sells at Sportsman’s Warehouse for $319.00 (plus tax). If I then add a few of the “this and thats” that are bound to be needed, and then roll in some consumables (powder, primers and bullets), the up-front cost of reloading with something I’ll use for a long time is more like $500 – and that’s just too much for now.

I’ll probably buy reloads from Neil a couple of times before getting into the reloading game.


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