Struggling with the 45

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I’m really struggling with the 45.

Any tips on ridding myself of flinch and anticipation? (I occasionally catch myself closing my eyes now, too. Argh!)

Here’s how I’m practicing to try and overcome these reactions.

  1. I’m dry-firing to not only get the feel of the trigger, but also to have a “mental playback” to use when live firing to “set my expectations.” (When the “playback” works, the live shot is released same as in dry fire and it surprises me – exactly the desired effect.)
  2. I’m using ball and dummy drills (five live rounds randomly mixed with two dummies) to test myself by making the flinch and anticipation obvious when those dummy rounds come up unexpectantly. (Live fire masks the jerks but when the dummy round comes up, any movement is obvious.)
  3. And sometimes I put up the target backwards and just release shots to try and anneal myself to the physical effects of the bullet taking flight.

Overcoming the natural reaction to that big explosion so close by is difficult – it seems to be more a matter of learning to ignore the bang, of being indifferent to its presence, of “letting go” rather than “holding against”. [Does that make sense?]

Any other suggestions or just “Keep at it”?

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