Accuracy Testing Tomorrow

Joe and I will be doing some accuracy tests tomorrow at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club. We will have a total of three (3) Smith and Wesson Model 41s of various vintages – mine is 99% “factory original” and less than one year old – as well as several other guns.

I posted the proposed test procedure to the Bullseye-L group today and received a couple of refinements which I’ve now worked into it. For ammunition that “shows promise”, we will need a total of 49 rounds to get four 10-round test groups. That’s assuming the “settling” can be accomplished with only 5 rounds which may be too optimistic.

We’re also bringing a couple of 1911s (in 45 ACP) and I want to test mine with the “wad” loads I have from Neil (of NSK Sales) and with the white box Winchester “hard ball” ammunition from Walmart.

I think Joe is bringing one or two other guns, too.

We probably have too many guns on the agenda. I will focus on testing the 41s since that’s my primary interest for tomorrow. (I’m also very interested in how the 45 performs with Neil’s ammunition but that could be done another day.) I’d really like to find out how my 41 does and be able to put the question of “that gun with which ammo” to rest.

Tomorrow should be the kind of fun that I, as an engineer, like.

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