It’s Coming

Some months ago I asked for help on this list [Bullseye-L] in my struggles with the 45. I received many helpful and encouraging replies. As a result, I’ve kept at it and kept at it until enough things finally started to work that I’ve gotten past that early frustration. I’m still well down in Marksman-land for sure but, every now and then, there’s a glimmer, a single target, that suggests what’s ahead.

Last night I shot a 92-3 in Rapid Fire, by far a personal best, and well ahead of my usual performance with that gun. More important than that score, however, is that I *know* what made the difference on that target and I just need to practice and “do it” more and more often. (My aggregate for the 900 was 668-8 for the evening with a couple of targets in Slow Fire that [Ahem!] show what I think of as the “broad avenues open for improvement” that stretch out ahead. But now I know it will come. I can do this.)

For other beginners, I’ll add that I’ve been working the 45 and little else for about five months, concentrating on trigger control and trying to lose the jerk. I have fired somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 rounds downrange in that gun. There’ve been two breakthroughs, one when I “got” the grip and the second, very recent, when I started to figure out what to do to effect a surprise shot. (Saying and doing are oh so different.)

It’s coming.

Thank you!

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