Nighthawks, International Format

There were eight shooters at last night’s Nighthawks league at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club. There was one Tyro (me), one Expert, five Masters and one High Master. We shot the “International” (as in Olympics) style competition consisting of three Slow Fire and three Dueling Fire targets of ten rounds each. Mario was the winner with 570 (out of 600) points and took home a small cash prize.

I was also a winner – with a mere 394 points – and I took home several prizes. They include:

  • Shooting 38 points higher than last time (in this format) – that’s a big improvement;
  • Learning a reason why I could mistakenly shooting on an adjacent target, and how to avoid making that same mistake again in the future;
  • Seeing that my newly-found technique for unconscious trigger release really works; and
  • Confirming that not being able to see the sights of my 45 clearly is now my biggest problem to be solved.

In these prizes I see forward motion. That’s good, real good.

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