The Challenge of Distractions

The heat last night was oppressive at the weekly Nighthawks league at the [Phoenix Rod and Gun Club][1]. As I prepared for each shot, I couldn’t tell if those things crawling down the back of my neck, chest and leg were beads of sweat or the swarming bugs. There was almost no air movement and clouds of smoke hung on the line. The floodlight on target 1 was missing its cover and the bugs that flew into it gave off a unique roasting aroma each time we walked past to score the targets.

Concentration on executing the steps of my shot plan seemed impossible. My best target of the evening was a 79-0 with a 588-4 (65%) aggregate for the 900, down from the 663-10 I scored two weeks ago. I can only chalk the evening up as an object lesson in the challenge the environment can deliver and, consequently, the value of repeating “the plan” until it needs little conscious effort.

Live and learn, live and learn.

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