It’s Broke!

The 41 wasn’t dirty, it was broken.

I purchased a slightly oversize nylon brush (25 cal.) to scrub the chamber and, when I took the gun apart to apply it, I discovered that the extractor hook was gone!

No wonder I was having so many jams!!

This is the second time that gun has lost its extractor in the 10 months since I purchased it new. The first time it happened, I called Smith & Wesson and they said they would be glad to replace it but between shipping and such, it would take a couple of weeks.

Worse, the technician went on, they were out of the part and the repair would sit there until they were restocked.

He then said, “We just sold all our extractor hooks to Brownells. The repair is easy. Would you like their phone number?” (Hint, hint, hint.)

So, the first time this happened, I bought the parts from Brownells (for maybe all of five bucks) and repaired it myself.

But with the second breakage in less than a year, I think it’s time to let Smith & Wesson have a go at it. So I called them, explained the problem, and they are shipping the return label to me (apparently by bicycle messenger ‘cause it’s been a week and it hasn’t arrived).

45 Troubles

The 45 was also unusable because its plunger tube fell off.

No guns! [Gak!!]

I made some calls around town and located the necessary part (blued finish) at Yost-Bonitz gunsmith. Anxious to have something to shoot, Ted Yost said would be in the shop on Saturday midday and, after explaining my problems, he suggested I come in. I did and, ten minutes later I was out the door with a fully functioning 45 again. (I owe him $10 because the bill was $30, I offered two $20s but he had no change so he just said, “Don’t worry about it. Just pay me sometime.”)

Too bad Smith & Wesson is unable to be as responsive.

Thanks, Ted!

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