Christian Open Theist

I am a Christian Open Theist. That means I have a powerful belief in the example, message and role of Christ, and that I believe God gave us true Free Will, that the future is not pre-ordained, that to a very large extent, what happens is up to us.

For the philosophers and theologians, let me add that I also believe that God is omniscient. God knows all the possibilities that are open to us in each moment, and He knows the far-reaching consequences of the choices we might make. But I also believe that He allows us to make our own way.

Greg Boyd has compared this to one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books where the reader chooses the storyline and, consequently, the ultimate outcome of the book. But note that the author wrote all the possibilities. The author doesn’t know which storyline a given reader will follow, but he still knows all the possibilities. I believe our lives are like that. God wrote the book but our individual storylines are up to each of us to choose.

And like a Choose Your Own Adventure book with both “good” and “bad” endings, I believe we are free to make the choices that will either make God smile or cry. This means we can mess it up, kill each other, destroy the Earth and all possibility of life on this planet. That choice is truly possible.

I hope (and often pray!) that God will help us find the insight to avoid those awful consequences but I do believe, nonetheless, that it could happen. I do believe it’s up to us.

I also believe that God has hopes, that He would like to see us choose life not death, joy not sorrow, richness and vibrancy not grey sterility. Indeed, one of my frequent prayers is that God will help me see the possibilities that come before me to engender, to promote, to improve life.

I am, therefore, always open to the possibilities that come before me each day and I frequently pray that God will help me to encourage the good ones, and to discourage the bad. And on those days when “encourage” and “discourage” are too weak and stronger actions are needed, I fervently pray that God will help me to recognize, and act, appropriately.

Christ chose to speak. Christ chose to act. And Christ chose to sacrifice.

Lord, help me choose what will please You.


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