Your Bullseye Gun as an Investment

I’ve heard it said that the value of firearms increase over time, especially if they are cared for. But I also know that, over time, inflation causes prices to increase and things for which I paid a little years ago are now much more expensive. So I wondered, are my guns really holding their value?

A posting at the Smith and Wesson forum displayed a Model 41 and its purchase receipt from 1958. The new gun cost $110.00 (before sales tax). Look here.

Consulting the “Inflation Calculator” at the US Department of Labor, that’s the same as $795.26 in 2007 dollars.

You’ll almost certainly pay more than that for a new Model 41 now and, even with a normal amount of wear and tear, my 41 has probably increased in value since I bought it new a couple of years ago. I am, therefore, confident I could sell it for more than I paid.

And while it is true that my 41 may not be accruing the best annual return when compared to other investments, it is also true that my 401(k) won’t hold the X ring at 25 yards but my 41 will.

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