Down Week

I’m home for a week after being out for two.

Things on the agenda include:

  • Enter course evaluations from previous classes;
  • Print and file course evaluation reports from previous classes;
  • Answer outstanding questions from students;
  • Answer new (email) questions from former students;
  • Do monthly expense report by checking-off receipts in on-line report, copying and mailing receipts to accounting, and then clicking the “submit” button;
  • Find out if next week’s trip is a “Go” or not, change travel plans if it’s been delayed;
  • Find out if UK trip next month is enough of a “Go” to purchase air tickets, and do so if “Yes”;
  • Renew product licenses for the next 60 days;
  • Get completed example of a certification document;
  • Create certification documents for two of the courses I teach;
  • Experiment with one OS to get a better insight into what it is really doing (in spite of what the manual says);
  • Write product demos for another OS appropriate for web-based lecture presentation “once in a blue moon” (which means I need detailed blow-by-blow steps because I won’t remember them when presented so rarely); and
  • Dispose of bad Li-Ion batteries from notebook at Home Depot (apparently they have a bin) [Update: They only accept batteries from rechargeable tools. A block away, however, the folks at Batteries Plus were glad to accept them.].

All subject to change when the boss sends email, chats me up or telephones.

And of course there’s the yard to cut, rocks to push around where the three palms were removed, checkbook to balance, bills to pay, toilets to fix … you know, the “usual”.

Some target practice at the range would be nice but, then again, the monsoon season has started so the humidity is either high with 100 degree temperatures, or the air dries out and the temperature goes up to 111 – that’s where it is now [3:52PM]. Maybe I’ll skip the range until mid-September when the highs go sub-100 and the humidity disappears.

Gotta fit “Family” in somewhere this week. (I took my daughter and her family to “The Dark Knight” for the early show at the big screen theater here this past Sunday. Excellent writing, great characters, spectacular action. I recommend it. Won’t be nearly as good on some puny DVD.)

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