Shift Gears

Next week’s class is canceled or at least delayed for several weeks.

Ok, cancel the air tickets, hotel and car, cancel the early morning shuttle to the airport, note the air ticket confirmation numbers so they can be re-used for credit on the next booking (without penalty or fee, thank you Southwest Airlines).

I’m wrapping up study of the avionics product this week. Next week I will shift gears and write some demos for web-based class presentations of a different, defense-related product. We already have the training materials for that class but only for in-person presentations with hands-on labs and equipment. For web-based presentations, however, I demonstrate the different capabilities and, presumably, the students go try it on their own later.

But the class in question is presented rarely and there’s enough time between them that I forget how to do things, or at least I’m afraid I won’t do as thorough a job if I don’t write it down.

Instructors who are inclined to take greater risks might just “wing it”, and I could probably do that but, for a couple of hours effort, especially since we’re being paid to create them, I’ll be sure. (And I’ll sleep a lot better with things written down.)

So next week will be “course development” (demo development, actually) instead of “face time.”

So be it.

I just wish it wasn’t so darn hot. It was 115 today on our thermometer. In weather like this, we simply don’t budge outside the door. Sitting on the patio with notebook and reference manuals to do work is not an option.

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