Long One Coming Up

My teaching calendar has me in the Washington DC area next week for a four-day, then up to Boston MA for another four-day. The first is Tuesday through Friday while the second is a Monday through Thursday class; I could fly home over the weekend but it’s cheaper to just stay on the east coast. And it’s a lot easier on the body.

This weekend is gonna be busy for that and other reasons.

Today (as in “now”) is the last chance to cut the grass this weekend. (I can hear a neighbor’s lawn mower as I write.)

Then, we’re off to watch one grandaughter in a soccer game before helping our son’s family and other grandaughter move into a new home. That latter activity will use up whatever time (and energy) is left after the soccer game through the rest of the weekend.

And the Container Store is having its grand opening in Scottsdale this weekend! Not sure we can work that one in to the schedule…

Monday is an airplane day.

Tuesday through Friday is teaching time.

The following Saturday will be nice as I’ll have some time to sightsee DC and take in some places I haven’t been able to visit in the past. (The NRA museum is on my list for this trip.)

And there will be a little more sightseeing Sunday morning before flying up to Providence (on Southwest) and the one hour drive to Boston.

Then it’s back into the classroom there for four days before finally returning home the Friday after.

The grass will be long by then.


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