Amici Miei

With several strong recommendations, my business associate and I went to this old town Pizzaria for the real thing, true Italian pizza, in Turin Italy.

“You want the Salsiccia E Friarielli pizza,” I was told. “It’s the original.”

This is basically a sausage pizza with an unusual (to me) but wonderful green vegetable, the friarielli. You can’t see much of it in the picture below, but trust me, it is excellent.

Before that, I had a frittata with funghi, basically a flat pancake-like creation, very eggy, with mushrooms. It was more filling than I expected, so much so that I couldn’t finish the pizza.

Sadly, the half bottle of chardonay left me cold as do all chardonays. Maybe I just don’t have the taste bud for that white. And I do really enjoy the variety in many other whites but, for some reason, all chardonays disappoint me.

But the double cream puff “dolce” made up for it. They were light, creamy, and just the right amount.

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