Special Meat Dumplings

Thanksgiving is over and I’m back on the road but not to teach. Instead, I get to update the master images of the computers we use in the classroom with new licenses for next year.

At the moment, I’m in the corporate headquarters in the bay area making disk space in which to work. I’ve collected most of the equipment (hardware) needed, verified that the new license works for the mainstream products, looked at the oddball products and started a chart of the “funny s tuff” I don’t understand, and I’ve touched base with the one guy who knows how all that weirdness should go together.

A good start.

So, there’s a big band playing at Yoshi’s in Oakland this evening. Cover is $15 which is pretty good for that venue. They start at 8:00PM and I’ll sit towards the back – with a name instrumentalist I’d want to be up close to watch but, with the whole band, any place in the room will be fine.

If you haven’t been to Yoshi’s and you want to be up close, buy your tickets early and be there at 5:00PM to line up so that, at 6:00PM, you can rush in and mark your seat with a PostIt-like note (supplied by Yoshi’s) for the 8:00PM show. Then go and eat before coming back for the show.

Then, tomorrow for lunch I will break the “no starch” initial phase of the South Beach diet my wife and I are following. I’ll go to East Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Alameda. They are known for their various dumpling dishes. There are 9 or 10 of them, more than one person can eat, so I’ll take the guy who’s gonna help with the weird stuff – he likes the place, too.

We will get all the dumpling dishes including the special meat dumplings.

Ordering them goes like this.

"And I'd like the special meat dumplings, please."

"We no have that."

"Yes but I'd really like to have the special meat dumplings."

"That on Chinese menu. You no Chinese."

"That's true but I would like to have the special meat dumplings."

Pause, then skeptically, "You sure you want special meat dumplings?"

"Yes, I'd like the special meat dumplings."

Again skeptically, "OK, I bring you special meat dumplings."

If you have the courage, they’re wonderful.


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