Freedom to Build or Waste Your Life

“Freedom”, as to how it has been defined and used in the United States, and by William Wallace, and by many others is a concept many do not understand.

For example, it does not mean that your well-being will be cared for no matter what you do and that you are, therefore, “free” to do as you wish.

No, “freedom” carries a responsibility, and it is first to yourself.

“Freedom”, as these individuals used it, means you are free to create the best life you can by your own actions.

That is, within the constraints of a civilized society, you are free to build your life as you see fit. You can choose your own profession, apply yourself and succeed or fail, as your talents permit. And if you find your well-being in one area is less than you desire, you are free to do something else, again and again as your wishes and tolerances permit.

It is, in three words, up to you.

Sadly, over the nearly 250 years since this country was founded on that idea, this understanding has been lost. Today, “freedom” means you can do as you wish because “the government” will take care of you.

But we are fast approaching the point where “the government” is not only unable to afford you that luxury, it is also going to refuse to do it. This is because not only can we no longer afford to do so, more significantly it is because “we” are going to begin refusing to do it.

Remember that, in this country, “the government” is ultimately “the people”, and “the people” are begining to demand a stop to this recklessness.

Indeed, since “We” are the government, it is up to us to rise up and assert our wishes. In our chosen form of representative government, we are obligated to tell our representatives what we want, and to then hold them accountable in carrying out those wishes.

These bail-outs are careening out of control. It is our future and that of our children and grandchildren that is being destroyed, not protected, by the wave of multi-trillion dollar bail-outs.

Ask where this money is coming from and the answer is simple: You. Through your work and the sweat of your brow, you are putting that money into the system that is giving it out. You have worked and earned and then put money into that system in the past, you are putting it into the system now, and you (and your children and grandchildren) will continue to work, to earn, and to put money into for many years to come.

We are putting in the money as cash or as inflation, or as debt that must be repaid. Either we or our descendents are going to have to work to generate dollars that is then given to the government to pay this debt, or those dollars are going to be severely devalued by inflation so, when they are finally spent on exorbitantly priced goods and services, the taxes thereupon will be sufficient to pay the horrendous debt.

It’s either that or the idea of a “dollar” becomes meaningless and the slate of debt is wiped clean. And in order to do that, the entire economy must collapse. In that event, those of us and our children who are not farmers and who do not grow our own food will starve and die. It’s that simple; if the economy collapses, if you can’t survive on what you bring up from the ground in your own land, then you won’t survive.

And recognize that those who are doing _any_thing about this are those of us who are acting, who are doing, who are working and funding the system. Those who are not have made their choices. They have capitulated, given up, crawled in a corner and demonstrated they do not want their lives. They have given them up.

I pity them, but their lives are not my life.

My life is mine and I choose to act, to work, to build and to earn.

The collapse of the dollar isn’t upon us, at least not yet. But the bail-outs that are taking place raise that specter.

And it is now time to call a halt.

“Freedom” means you have the power to determine your future. It is a God-given right and ability. As with the founding fathers, no authority has the right to take away your freedom – it is yours to assert.

“Freedom” is something you must demonstrate because if you don’t, then clearly you don’t have it, and I mean “you” on an individual basis.

Each person that chooses to act, to work, to try is demonstrating they have the “freedom” to determine, to the extents limited by various forces, their lives. And those who choose not to act, not to work, not to try are demonstrating they do not wish to determine their lives.

Your life is yours to choose how you will use it, but you must make the effort to use it.

And if you don’t choose to use it, then it will, eventually, sooner or later, be taken away from you.

Assert your right. Speak and act and remember the five “boxes” upon which liberty relies: The Soapbox, the Mailbox, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammo Box.

The founding fathers understood this, and they used those boxes, and in that order.

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