Hopeless in New York

With some time to sightsee yesterday, I stopped by Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club’s indoor range at 1130 Broadway, Westbury, NY 11590. A small bore competition was preparing to start so I only stayed long enough to get the Bullseye pistol person’s contact information.

But after some checking of the state laws, it appears to be totally impossible for an out of state shooter to compete anywhwere in New York.

  • Residents must obtain a permit for each and every handgun from the county in which they live.
  • The permit which must be carried lists each such handgun.
  • It is illegal for a person to touch any (loaded?) gun not on his permit.
  • And non-residents are generally not allowed to obtain such permits.

Basically this means that out-of-state residents may not legally bring their guns into the state for Bullseye competitions, nor can they obtain a New York permit for their handguns owned legally in some other state.

Although some states allow out-of-state residents to legally travel into and compete in their states, this does not appear to be the case in New York.

So even though the Roslyn club has a very active Bullseye league that shoots on a regular basis, shooting is restricted to permit holders within the state of New York.

Unless you wish to risk confiscation of your handguns, incarceration, fines and fees to lawyers to get your guns and yourself out of the slammer, it appears the rule for New York state is “No visitors, or moochers, allowed on the pistol ranges.”

So I went to enjoy the beach instead.


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