Trust and Honor

In the sport of Bullseye, a.k.a. Conventional Pistol, dozens of shooters stand side by side firing at targets. Each shooter trusts those on both sides to fire their weapons safely, make them safe when the time is up, and follow the four rules of gun safety at all times.

Notice how many times the word “safe” appears in that paragraph? It’s the same on the line, not just said but done. Every time. Every time.

And at a large match, typically on a table for all to see and consider, are the items each shooter has brought to sell or trade. It’s common to see thousand dollars of guns sitting, unattended, on that table throughout the match.

And at each shooter’s firing point, two or three more valuable handguns will be sitting there while everyone is 50 yards downrange scoring the targets.

It’s about trusting the next person, and honoring their trust in you.

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