Camp Perry 2009 22 Championship, First Relay Results are In

In the first relay, James Henderson’s early start at one point back and then dogged persistence combined to earn him a two point edge in the overall 22 championship – but again, that’s only for the first relay. Jim finished at 890-58X, two points ahead of Philip Hemphill and Robert Park at 888-47X and 888-43X.

Fourth and fifth places in this relay went to Brian Zins (887-57X, one X shy of Jim’s 58 but three points down) and John Zurek (887-42X).

The second and then the third relays will be shooting next and the results of this championship could well change over the next couple of hours.

Unfortunately, I’m headed downtown with my two grand daughters to the Arizona Science Museum for some education, fun and lunch. We will ride the light rail from one of the Park ‘N Ride lots for a little more dimension to the day.

I’ll see the final 22 Championship scores tonight.

But part of my mind will be in Ohio and listening for,

Shooters to the line!

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