Camp Perry 2009: Center Fire Day

The squads have been rotated and Center Fire has begun. Some of the Slow Fire scores are posted here and click the match of interest – Center Fire includes #139-142 for the individual matches and then #102 for the Center Fire championship.

Yesterday, conditions were close to ideal for the first relay but, as the day wore on, the wind picked up and became a significant challenge to the last relay. Since this is common at Camp Perry, the relays are rotated each day; those in yesterday’s first squad will, today, shoot last. If the wind pulls the same trick today, the Masters will suffer the most.

And with the best shooters going last today, that also means the intermediate results posted earlier will better reveal some of the lower level competitions but make prediction of the final results much harder.

So today, I’ll wait until all the results are in and then post a commentary late in the day.

Otherwise it’s “run errands” day here in Phoenix where the high is forecast at 111 - and where we live, probably another 5 degrees with the heat island effect. Short stops are a no-no as the car tends to vapor-lock unless we can find shade in which to park.

The Camp Perry forecast, on the other hand, is scattered rain and 72 degrees.

Wish I were there.

Regardless, 10s and Xs everyone!

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