Camp Perry 2009: Center Fire Results

Do you see it?

Look at the top eight scores from today’s Center Fire championship:

Henderson, James878-41
Hemphill, Philip876-38
Wiesehan, Donald872-25
Park, Robert870-34
Zurek, John868-37
Johnson, Christopher868-35
Clark, Larry868-33
Zins, Brian868-24

The first four finishers each improve upon their nearest competitor by two points whereas #5 through #8 all have the same point total, 868. Combined with yesterday’s 22 totals, that puts just about every shooter in this list within shooting distance, no pun intended, of #1 in the overall 2700 aggregate. While it’s true they will need to do some amazing shooting tomorrow with their 45s – and mostly in the Slow Fire targets at the beginning, we also know it can be done, and Camp Perry is where it happens.

The weather forecast is partly cloudy but dry in the morning favoring those that shoot first, but with chances of showers in the afternoon and increasing winds. The third group of shooters will probably be challenged by the weather.

But the highest classes shoot in slot #2 tomorrow, the time frame in which the weather could go either way.

The weather is the wild card and those who are able to make the most of what comes will be the winners.

"It ain't over till it's over."

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