Staphylococcus Interruptus

After packing the wife off for a family visit this past Saturday, I decided to give myself a visit to the Emergency Room.

You see, I’ve had this recurrent bump on my left pinkie that goes away just after making a doctor’s appointment. I guess it overhears the phone conversation and goes back into hiding. So, this time, I said nothing and quietly took it to the ER.

To make a long story short, the hand surgeon sliced into it Saturday evening, said it was a “Mucous Cyst” (yuch!) but sent off what he removed to be cultured. Two days later the infection specialist reviewed what showed up and said, “Oh Shit!”

They released me from the hospital Monday afternoon with a “PICC line” in my left arm and a visit from a home RN coupled with a delivery of two weeks of Vancomycin scheduled for that same evening.

For the next fourteen days I self-administer the IV antibiotic twice a day via the PICC line to kill off the nasty bug. If all goes well, they won’t chop off the little finger (or worse) from my non-shooting hand.


So, that coupled with the record highs (113 degrees Farenheit, 45 Celsius) in the Phoenix weather, I’m taking a break from all shooting including the early morning air pistol. When the heat abates and the body parts stop threatening to leave, I’ll pick up the guns.

Bullseye remains my primary non-work interest even though some PSK31 ham radio equipment did catch my attention today – I’m WB7UTR on the air by the way.

So keep checking back here – there will be new postings coming out from time to time on Bullseye.

And if you’re out there on the line, shoot a couple of Xs for me!

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