270 Down, 90 To Go

I fired 2437-37X in today’s 2700.

That’s 90.26% for 270 of the 360 record shots I need to advance to Outdoor Expert.

Yes! I shot the level I was hoping for. Hooray!

As is often the case, my 22 score today (827-14X) was my best of the three 900s I shot today. My score with that gun gave me a 17 point hedge against the 810 score needed in Center Fire and again in 45. And although I did well with those guns – actually just one gun used twice, my 807-14 Center Fire needed 3 of the hedge-points to reach 810 and my 803-9 in 45 consumed another 7.

But it was enough.

So now, Outdoor Expert is not only within reach, but with 270 of the needed 360 shots officially to be recorded at that level, my finger is touching the desired ring. And in the next match, it could be mine!

The next 2700 in which record shots will be sent to the NRA is almost a month. Between now and then, there’s a practice 2700 as well as the weekly Nighthawks. And I need every bit of that practice as today’s “skin of my teeth” success shows.

But now I know how to do it.

Just shoot this shot. There are no others.

One shot. That’s all. This one.


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