Goodbye Southern Arizona

About five years ago, the adult leader of the Boy Scouts of America troops in Phoenix said that the Arizona chapters had stopped their 100+ year old tradition of taking scouts out for camping trips to southern Arizona because “coyotes” with AK-47s were shepherding illegals into the scout camps and demanding food and water.

Although BSA leaders were forbidden to carry weapons, some had previously felt justified in using their concealed carry permits to bring handguns so that, if necessary, they could protect the scouts against poisonous snakes and other desert vermin. But, faced with automatic weapons, the scout leaders had no choice but to capitulate and give up the deserts of southern Arizona to the illegals.

The Boy Scouts of America understandably decided it wasn’t their fight.

And now, according to newly posted official signs, the US government has also capitulated and simply given over southern Arizona to drug traffic and human smuggling.

See for yourself the US Government’s signs.

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