Nighthawks Great Season Start!

Wow, what a turnout! We had a total of ten (10) shooters last night for the Nighthawks weekly event at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club in spite of the unseasonal heat. That included three beginners and one out-of-state visitor. (Beginners and visitors is how the ranks will be built up. They are always welcome!)

At 6:30PM we shot Luck Targets and, by the coin toss, the low score won – John Zurek’s meager 14 points brought him a $3 cash prize. (John Zurek won with a *low* score? Yup, anything can happen with the Luck Target.)

Then, with three newcomers, we observed an extra fifteen minutes of safety instruction before starting the Bullseye 900 at 7:15PM. The regulars completed their three Slow Fire targets in the normal ten minutes each but, again, some extra time was allotted for the beginners. (Safety, safety, safety.)

But by the time we reached the first Timed Fire in the National Match Course, the beginners were comfortable with the equipment and procedures so we made up most of the lost time.

One of the newcomers shot several very impressive targets. She was a natural for the sport.

The grand prize for the evening, a copy of A Pistol Shooter’s Treasury, was awarded to the high score of the evening (regardless of gun or number of hands used) to Jason Demont. Jason, who has advanced well up the Bullseye rankings over the past several years, said it was a very welcome prize as he had heard of but never read the book. Several shooters smiled and warned that his shooting may temporarily decline as he integrates new skills from the book into his performance at the line but the experts then agreed it would ultimately prove to be a significant boon to his or anyone’s shooting.

Summer has officially ended and, hopefully, the worst of the heat is now behind us. And evn though it was hot last night, there were no bugs (nor snakes) and there was even a hint of rain. Next Tuesday we shoot the International format, Olympic Center Fire. Personally, I find the Dueling Fire in that form to be extremely challenging and yet, at the same time, I often get a really good laugh when I look at the scattered holes in my target. Someday, I’ll master Dueling Fire. [Sigh.]

Hope to see you next Tuesday!

Here are the details in case you’ve forgotten.

  • What: Nighthawks (every Tuesday from mid-September through mid-June)
  • When: 6:30PM Tuesday evening (practice earlier if you wish)
  • Where: Pistol range, PR&GC, 915 W. Olney Dr, Phoenix AZ 85041
  • Cost: $5 members, $10 non-members
  • Ammo: 100 rounds suggested (more if you want extra practice earlier)
  • Extra: $1 for a Luck Target (cash prize!)
  • Beginners: Always welcome
  • Format: Bullseye 900 on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, International [Olympic center fire] on the 2nd and 4th, and a Police “L” Match on the twice-a-year 5th Tuesdays. Shoot one- or two-handed as you wish.

See you “On the line!”

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