Locked Out

… and this is bad because?

I’m switching from “Old cranky that overheats” running Winders XPat to “New and obscure that isn’t supposed to do that (overheating), at least not until I really need it” computer running Windows 7.whoKnowsWhat.What.What.

So now I’m locked out. All the passwords I’ve tried, new, old, very old, made up in great anger, etc. are NFG.

So I called the company IT department and left ’em a nice voice mail when my temper had calmed.

And so here I sit watching the clock, and then poking and surfing the Web with my cute little iPad2 for something to do.

Shall we order up a Rumpole Anthology from Amazon? Used paperbacks from $0.01? Wonder what that vendor will want for “handling and shipping” - Hah! Seven bucks! Not exactly the USPS book rate, now is it?

No thank you.

Let’s “Continue Shopping,” shall we?

Update: IT is stumped also. They can’t get in either. So I’m back on “Old cranky that overheats – but works” and the bad disk drive is on its way to the Bay Area for R&R – Reformat and Reload.

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