Politics and Priorities

Everyday except Sunday begins by organizing my “To Do” list.

I pull items from today’s and sometimes tomorrow’s calendar – an early appointment tomorrow gets a task today for a note on the alarm clock – and then I cross out everything on yesterday’s list that actually got done.

What’s left is “To Do”.

Then, things get sorted into three categories: Must, Should and Could. And, finally within each of those, I sort things into priority – not sequential – order.

Let me make this clear. If A is a precursor of B – let’s say that A is going to Home Depot so I can do B, fix the plumbing – then B goes first in the list. B is the priority.

Then, starting**** with the highest priority Must, I work the list.

When I get to B – fix the plumbing – that is when A – go to Home Depot – happens. A happens then not because it is more important than B, but because my goal is to fix the plumbing (B) and that Home Depot trip really is part of doing B. When B is the priority item, I do what it takes to get B done. Nothing else.

When all the Musts are done, then I’ll start on the ****highest priority Should.

On a really good day, I will finish all the Musts, all the Shoulds and maybe some of the Coulds. That happens maybe once a month. On most days, I get almost all of the Musts done, but no more.

And, on occasion, fires break out and nothing on the list gets done.

To be honest, there are things in my Could list that have been there for months. And they’ll probably stay there, unfinished, for months to come. I’d like to get them done but they just haven’t been important enough compared to the things that are really important.

Know what I mean?

As to the question of who I think should be President, well, that hasn’t made it into my “To Do” list yet. And it probably won’t for more than a year. Maybe not even then.

Someone should tell the news I’m not interested. Not for a long time.


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