Thank You, American Airlines

  • Posted: 8/22/11
  • Category: Travel

Time: 3:45AM.

Scene: The bedroom. Total darkness.

[Ring, ring, ring… Anita scrabbling for phone – it’s on her side – we’re both instantly awake and wondering who died.]

Anita: “Wuzzah … … Hello?”

"Computer Voice: 'Hello!
This is your over-zealous computer at American Airlines.
Your connecting flight, originally scheduled for 2:45PM Central Daylight Time time out of Dallas-Ft Worth -- nine (9) long hours from now -- is going to be late. We wanted you to know that you'll have an extra hour in the expansive Dallas-Ft Worth airport to regain the hour of sleep this middle-of-the-frickin'-night call startled you out of.
And don't worry. If there's any change in flight time no matter how far away in time or space, we'll be sure and call you again.
Thank you for flying American Airlines!

Ed: “What’s wrong?”

Anita: [Hangs up telephone] “Some airplane is delayed somewhere in the world.”

Ed: ???

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