We’ve Arrived!

This website is our new family home. It’s also the new home for all the blogs I’ve been writing the last seven years.

All six (6) of the old *.blogspot.com blogger.com blogs have been copied, in their entirety, to this new location. And, for each of those 300+ entries, they have been classified into Categories.

On each of the old blogs, I’ve placed a note linking readers to this new location, and providing notice that the old blogs will be deleted in one year.

Also, the old family content at the old “flat5.net” is here now. You will find it through the Family link. You may notice, however, that some of the links therein to specific documents  aren’t working. I noticed this for a Microsoft Word *.doc file so there may be others. I suspect this is a security measure and, if so, I’ll probably have to change the file type and the link. But that’s for another day.

In case you’re interested, the old “flat5.net” website was unceremoniously and without warning dropped by the web hosting company (qwest.com) as part of their being acquired by another company. Fortunately, I have good backups, in addition to the ones they said they were keeping but which were no longer available, so I had no problem reconstructing the content.

They (qwest.com) also dropped our email service, again without warning. That was a bit trickier to handle since every website now wants to send you email for you to click to confirm new accounts and new email addresses. My work email address helped out in this regard (without the company’s permission, thank you very much).

No doubt there will be other beasties to be uncovered and snuffed in this new location but, for the most part, the web site looks pretty good. I’m particularly pleased with the pictures you’ll see at the top of the web page. They are all personal and you’ll find lots of relatives, some from more than a century ago, as well as friends and action shots from various times and places.

Hopefully you will find this new web site a little more interesting and, for that, you’ll come back often.

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!


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