Shooting Blogs I Like

Here are some gun-blog links of fairly long standing. Some are updated daily, some weekly, but all are worth regular visits.

Tier One

Prime focus is on shooting:

  • Tony’s Bullseye Blog Written by Tony Brong, this blog is primarily focused on the sport of Bullseye but also has equipment and reloading information from time to time. It also has occasional articles by guest authors. Tony’s primary shooting sport is “Bullseye” (NRA Conventional Pistol) and on that topic, you’ll find most of his posts – like his shots – centered on the X ring.
  • Sheriff Jim Wilson Jim Wilson was Sheriff of Crocket County Texas before retiring in 1996. He writes this blog about hunting and defensive techniques. Not as voluminous as some blogs but what he posts is worth reading, and often doing. Be sure and check the older posts as well.
  • Massad Ayoob on Guns This is Massad “Mas” Ayoob’s column in Backwoods Home Magazine. It always has good information on a wide variety of shooting equipment, competitions and training.
  • Jewish Marksmanship This blog presents profiles of Jewish shooters, sometimes with competition and other details. It is different and well worth the occasional visit.

Tier Two

Blogging that includes shooting as an occasional topic (ladies first):

  • The Adventures of Roberta X This is Roberta X’s blog and it is a daily stop for me. Roberta is a “Renaissance Woman” with expertise in an amazing number of areas. And she’s a do-er.
  • View From the Porch Tam is another on my list of bloggers to check every day. She sometimes offers a counterpoint to Roberta X so be sure and check both for the full picture.
  • The Breda Fallacy Don’t let the fact that Breda is a librarian prejudice your expectations. (Pity the patrons with overdue books from her library.)
  • Home on the Range Brigid can write (and cook!). There’s some excellent and very insightful work here. You’ll find a full-range human being expressing herself with eloquence and clarity.
  • Lagniappe’s Lair A man’s man, rough but enjoyable. He writes on various topics, some humorous, some serious, and sometimes he just tells us about his day. It’s an interesting life. (Lagniappe was his previous dog.)
  • Lawyer With a Gun This blog, also on my daily list, is written by an attorney who, with his professional perspective, provides a different and often educational viewpoint.

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