Tuesday Evening Shrimp Tacos

Outriggers is in southeast Houston, just over the bridge from the touristy Kemah. Located beneath that same bridge at the water’s edge with power lines crossing nearby, the bar does a huge business on Tuesday evenings with wait times as much as an hour. The reason? The two dollar tacos, fish or shrimp, grilled or blackened.

A local recommended it to me and, on my first visit a couple of years ago, I immediately added it to my list of places to remember because of its atmosphere and view. And after I tasted the food, I pushed it up into the “Preferred” class. And now, after several visits when business travel has taken me near, it’s a “Must Go”.

My pallet has now settled into a pleasing rut: two blackened shrimp tacos, a basket of onion rings and a bottle of Negra Modelo dark Mexican beer. Total dinner cost? Not much over ten bucks.

But go early. You’ll beat the line waiting to get in and secure an outside or inside seat with a view. The boats headed in to the nearby marinas and docks will make an entertaining parade. Everything from Billy Bob and Jimmy Joe’s two man fishing bucket to luxury sloops and deep water shrimping boats will pass by.

But it’s not an easy place to find. Your GPS will get you close to 500 Bath, Seabrook TX but watch the narrow road with no curb or guard rails or you’ll end up in the water. And carefully steer around the concrete bridge pylons in the crunchy seashell “paved” parking lot - it’ll be close to full on Tuesdays. There’s a flight of narrow stairs to climb and handicap access will be very difficult but, if you find the bar, a place to park, get up the stairs and secure a seat, this place is a keeper!

“Another taco and beer for you, sir?”

“Why, yes, don’t mind if I do!”

(Better make that closer to fifteen bucks, but still “a keeper.”)

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