• Posted: 10/9/11
  • Category: Family

Norman and Sunny.

Norman is, like many cairns, sharp. He has that look in his eye and, when you talk to him, he cocks his head to the side listening. But he’s also getting older now and sleeps lighter with more naps through the day. I envy him that.

Sunny is, well, sunny! Always ready to play, go for a walk, bark at the birds that invade the yard, what have you.

The granddogs stay with us when their owners, our daughter and her family, are not available for a while. Sometimes it’s a single overnight, other times it’s for much longer.

Either way, we’re glad to have the extra company.

But there are downsides as any pet owner knows. They *need* to go out. The *out* has to be picked up before the yard is cut. They bring *in* dirt and pollen to which we are allergic.

It’s that way with any critter. Dogs, cats, kids, they all come with their pros and cons.

And they’re all worth the trouble.

Because when you have no trouble in your life, then you must be dead. And that’s not good!

Bring on the dogs!

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