Where Is It?

  • October 8, 2011
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A couple of months ago when the posts were put in, a piece of electrical conduit was set through the foundation and running out about three feet at a 45 degree angle for the future wiring.

Today, with the summer heat gone – it was 49 degrees in the backyard this morning – I decided it was time to finish the wiring.

Except the end of the conduit ain’t there!


I’ve double-checked my measurements several times and the middle of that hole should have a piece of grey electrical conduit sticking out, except it isn’t.

Hoping I was close, I poured a gallon of water down the end of that conduit that’s inside the post to see where it comes out in the hole. You can see the tubing and funnel in the picture.

But no water. Not even a wet spot.


Maybe a break and a blog will help. Or how about setting up a chair in the shade and relaxing with Stella Artois for a while. The tools are all out, you see? Nothing more I can do for now.

I think I’ll put up a sign in the front yard while I wait.

“Small pet burials. No waiting.”

Update: Found it!

My protractor was correct but apparently the ruler I was using back then measured only 4" per foot as opposed to the 12"/ft ruler I used today.

I’m moving on now to the slit trench for the 12v buried cable that’ll run from the post (via the newly found conduit) and ultimately through the hole I drilled in the garage masonry wall to the transformer and timer. Then it’ll be attach the fixture, connect the power and observe the smoke test.

No pet burials today. Sorry.

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