$2 Bill = 2nd Amendment

Spend $2 bills and, when someone comments on it, say “It’s symbolic of my support for the Second Amendment.

Do it from now on.

Keep a small supply in your wallet or purse; one per transaction will send the message. If it happens often enough and widely enough, the $2 bill will become a symbol understood by everyone.

I support the 2nd Amendment.

And, as stores accumulate them, they will either have to give them in change thereby suggesting their support of the 2nd Amendment, or they will have to bundle them for return to the banks and thence to the feds who will get the message that there’s a lot of support “out there” for this amendment.

Make the $2 bill a symbol of your support for our right to keep and bear firearms.

Make it visible. Make it often. Make it valuable.

And pass the word!

Addendum: Ask your local bank to order a sheaf of 100 ($200); they are, otherwise, difficult to find. Another suggestion is to try your local U.S. Post Office rather than commercial banks.

NOTE: US paper currency is a work of the United States government and is, therefore, ineligible for copyright. This image is, therefore, in the public domain. Photographs of currency are permitted as long as such images are for legal purposes. It is the attempted use thereof as currency that is illegal.

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