2012 Desert Midwinter Championship Next Week

So I’m gonna be pushing some lead downrange at the 2012 Desert Midwinter Championship next week!

On Wednesday, February 15th, the International portion begins. These are the same competitions as fired in the Olympics. This will include several 22 caliber events, many of which can be fired with Bullseye-compatible firearms (iron sights only) as well as larger calibers. First shot is at 8:30AM but I plan to arrive an hour early to register, find my firing point and meet old friends.

My free pistol hasn’t been out of the box since last year so I’ll be giving that a quick once-over the next few days. And my S&W Model 41 has the new “trainer” grips and iron sight – not sighted in yet – for international that also takes the red dot for conventional events.

Sadly, my 1911 will be “illegal” in the center-fire events so my scores will be disqualified but, well, I need the practice and the warm-up so I’ll be shooting that just the same.

The Conventional Pistol portion begins the next day with Service Pistol and Revolver competition, and continues with the usual 22, Center Fire and 45 caliber events on Friday through Sunday. Team competitions are sprinkled throughout.

Not having shot for most of the year, I won’t be the least concerned about my scores – they won’t be great but, who knows, maybe over that long break I will have forgotten how to jerk the shot off target at the last instant.

For me, Bullseye is about the people, the camaraderie, the shared experience. And for that, the annual Desert Midwinter Championship is my #1 choice. I’ll see friends and acquaintances who’ve come hundreds of miles just for this competition.

(Hope to) See you on the line!


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