Desert Midwinter Day 1 of 4, Personal Report

The first day of this year’s Desert Midwinter Championship in Phoenix is done. I shot an 805-18 and while that is not quite up to my expert classification (810), I feared worse with so little practice over the past year. So, I’m pleased and, even better, I now have refreshed technique for today’s events.

(Note to self: That little red dot – watch it! And the trigger? Mush it gently, like a pillow.)

The eWorld Shooting Association, started a couple of years ago by Steve Locatelli (seen here), has a big presence this weekend. They fielded several teams as did the Air National Guard and Phoenix Rod and Gun, so much so that team events had to be fired in relays.

CF 900, then 45 and Service pistol teams are on the agenda for today. I’m teamed with George, Felipe and Mike who are all very good and shoot regularly. I really have to concentrate to keep up my part of our score. I’m acting as Captain of the team, too, so I’m doubly challenged but, well, that’s how I like it; plenty of pressure can be a good thing. And I almost cleaned a RF target in CF team. (Not so the SF target, unfortunately. [Ugh.])

I will switch to the second relay in the 900 this morning so I can take pictures of the first relay folks I fired with yesterday. I’m also doing RO duty when not competing.

10s and Xs!

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