Annual Physical and Tin Hats

They took blood samples this morning and, because my Dad was an MD – thoracic (pronounced “thor-ass-sick”!) surgeon – I’m always curious about the “stuff” in examining rooms.

As the tech drew my blood, I spotted this set of supply drawers and the juxtaposition of the two items in that second drawer caught my attention.

If you are given the former, do you also get one of the latter?

After a few seconds contemplation, I was tempted to ask if the hats were tin or just plain aluminum foil. Hats made from the latter, as you probably know, do not provide effective shielding when your concentration is, uhm, intense. Indeed, a double or triple layer is recommended to completely block alien mind-reading devices in such circumstances.

Tin, on the other hand, is superior and requires only a single, stiffer sheet appropriately folded and positioned atop the head.

But since this is the Mayo Clinic, they probably know all this so I didn’t ask.

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