Familiar Places

Two blackened with a cold bottle and I’m out $6.83 plus the cash I leave on the table. It’s dirt cheap, extremely fresh, spicey and steaming hot.

Putting it into the expense report almost seems silly but I will, nonetheless, so they can see I’m not the sales type that just wants that big bottom line to impress a customer. Nope, I want something that tastes good and, if the place has some atmosphere, then all the better.

But to be honest, there’ve been some pricey meals in my expenses, too. I spent a week in downtown Cambridge Mass where breakfast was $25, lunch was half again as much and dinner was, well, suffice it to say I wasn’t surprised when the corporate expense report auditor called me personally to say, “Don’t do that again!”

So this week’s cheap but every bit as good food will, perhaps, balance the scale a bit.

If you’re down in southeast Houston on a Tuesday evening, Outriggers in Seabrook is well worth the effort it’ll take to find it.

Oh yeah, don’t wear your good shoes and don’t feed the feral cats over by the dumpsters.

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