A Familiar Face

Such was the case today at the Pelham (NH) Fish and Game where I ran into Cara. She’s been to matches in Phoenix where I first got to know her and today – what a great smile – it was a completely unexpected pleasure to meet up again, this time on her home turf.

Bill Dutton who runs the show at the Pelham club and whom I met a few years ago at a match at the Old Colony club down in Mass generously set me up with his Marvel conversion for 22 and a red dotted 1911 for Center Fire. Both worked fabulously and, as always, shot better than you know who.

Regardless, I was pleased with the learning experience as well as a couple of really nice targets.

I had to leave after Center Fire to make my flight home from Manchester but the friendship and honor of getting to stand on the line and shoot with more great shooters as well as making new friends has been the best part of the week.

10s and Xs, everyone!


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