Final Free Pistol Olympic Team Member

Nick Mowrer has won the (nomination for the) final US Olympic Team position in Free Pistol, according to the USA-Shooting Facebook page. The nomination is made based on the athlete’s performance over several competitions.

Note: If you want to find the above page on your own, be sure to include the hyphen “-” in “USA-Shooting” when doing the search here.

Results are available as an Excel spreadsheet at the USA Shooting website in the “2012 19th Annual USASNC RP/Smallbore Olympic Team Trials” section.

And an article with pictures is available here.

Here are the top eight finishers:

1Daryl Szarenski1867.8
2Nick Mowrer1855.5
3Brian Beaman1852.0
4John Zurek1847.6
5Jason Turner1840.6
6Jim Henderson1840.2
7Will Brown1839.0
8Thomas Rose1836.9

Some notable data points:

  • John Zurek shot a 555 in today’s 600 putting him third in that competition just 4 points behind Daryl Szarenski at 559 and three behind Brian Beaman’s 558,
  • And John fired a 98.0 in today’s final ranking him second in the final after Nick Mowrer’s 100.2, and
  • Jay Shi (Phoenix Rod and Gun Club) finished 14th overall.

Congratulations to all for an extremely well executed three days of competition!

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