Integrity means being true to your values and doing what you say.

As a hotel chain, Marriott fails, big time as you can see right here.

All three of the following images are from the entrance to the (Marriott) Springhill Suites on NASA Road 1 in Seabrook Texas where I taught a class last week.

In 2010, following a kerfuffle when a “no guns” sign was suddenly posted at a Marriott being patronized by attendees to an NRA convention, many of whom had been there for several days already who were then required, if they wished to avoid arrest, to find other accommodations. But before that happened, Marriott reneged and said they would instead remove the signs and the restriction.

But #3 picture, taken this week shows that any such change was no more than a temporary “good for business” concession. The signs are back and the wording makes their intentions abundantly clear - if you can believe them.

And that’s the point.

Incidentally and lest you think #3 is some kind of local government regulation for hotels only, the Hampton Inn in the same town just a few blocks away has no such policy. I looked. I asked. They don’t.

Being good at your word is important. It’s called integrity.

Marriott fails, and fails badly at the “believe what I say” test.

Marriott properties (I avoid) include the following brands and labels:

  • Marriott Hotels,
  • Springhill Suites,
  • Ritz Carlton,
  • Bulgari,
  • Renaissance,
  • A C Hotels,
  • Courtyard,
  • TownePlace,
  • Fairfield,
  • Residence Inn,
  • and many independents operating under Marriott’s umbrella of bookings and policies.

As a frequent business traveller, I try to frequent one chain to maximize my points. And while Marriott certainly has just about everything covered, so does Hilton.

Hilton brands (I frequent) include:

  • Hampton Inn,
  • Hilton Garden Inn,
  • Hilton Hotel,
  • Waldorf Astoria,
  • Conrad Hilton,
  • DoubleTree,
  • Embassy Suites,
  • Homewood Suites, and
  • Home 2 Suites.

I’ve found integrity to be an important quality such that, while I may disagree with an opinion, if the holder has integrity, they’re worth a listen.

Those who change their story to suit the prevailing winds aren’t worth my time, or my patronage.

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