Family First

If I had been sitting in that theater in Aurora, my first priority would’ve been to get my wife and family out of there.

And once out, I’m pretty sure we’re stayin’ out.

In that theater, I would definitely have recognized the sound of the shooter’s AR-15. It is a distinctive sound, unmistakable once you’ve heard it. His effective range is easily a hundred yards with a rate of fire as fast as he can pull the trigger. Even without seeing him or the weapon, it’s almost certain he’s got 20-30 rounds ready to fire with an unknown number of reloads that would slow him down no more than a couple of seconds.

I carry a snub nose 38. It has five rounds. It is for personal protection. My effective range is twenty feet, more if I take my time, aim carefully, and then slowly move the trigger without moving the sights.

But in that movie theater, I’d never get close enough to be sure and shooting from further away would only have been suicidal.

Sorry but once my family is out, we’re out.

So, here’s the deal.

The rest of you have the same rights and opportunities as I do. I’ve made my choice and that is to arm myself and learn how to use what I carry. I know the strengths and weaknesses of the firearm, and I know what I can and cannot do with it.

And it looks like many of you have made your choice not to carry a firearm. That’s fine with me. That’s your right and I respect that and, to be completely honest, I will always continue to hope that the world will work as you believe. I will always pray that you are right.

But in case it doesn’t, I just thought you should know what to expect.

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