Hildegard’s in Huntsville Alabama

There are ten tables, one of which seats six, but that includes several deuces and a bar that seats four. At best, 45 customers at one time is the limit. It’s a small place.

“A Spatzen Octoberfest to start, please, and the brie with fruit. Then the knackwurst with red cabbage and spaetzel.”


“On the side so I can try the spaetzel both ways. And don’t turn in the sausage order for a while so I can enjoy the brie.”

“Yes, sir.”

6:45PM Thursday evening and the place is full.

It was excellent - I had a second Octoberfest - and couldn’t make it to the strudel.

Next time. (Thanks for the suggestions, Kirk and Liz. You both hit the X-ring!)


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