Captain Bill’s, Bay Shore NY

  • September 13, 2012
  • Category: Food

Captain Bill’s, 122 Ocean Ave, Bay Shore (Long Island), NY.

The view was great and the food, other than the desert, was excellent but I have to say that the sum of the experience was not much more than an upscale Red Lobster.

The server was slow and the kitchen uncooperative of menu changes. While the wine (two glasses of a Clos du Bois chardonnay) was excellent and the corn chowder was good, the scallops were also excellent, and the sides nice but on the stingy side, the cake at the end drowned out any positive memory of what went before. It was frozen rock hard, way too sweet, and then topped with Hershey’s drizzle. Hershey’s? Please! That stuff is awful! Get a real chocolate, please!

Subtotal: $58.66 (before tip).

The bottom line is that, for that amount in this area, there are better places and, after dinner, you can still walk the marina and see the view for nothing.

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