Take Our Ball And Leave

The knee jerk reaction that we should simply pull up stakes and leave is certainly understandable. And opponents who argue that doing so simply leaves a problem to fester and worsen such that, in a few years, there’s enough strength, organization and financial savvy to muster a future 9/11-type attack on the homeland, that argument also has merit. It did happen once, after all. It can certainly happen again.

Reading some of the schizophrenic vitriol of our opposition such as the sometimes difficult to follow Dallas Darling as reported in World News, I ask myself how is it their perception of the world is so alarmingly different than mine? What am I missing?

Is it something in the water?

Are they just plain nuts?

Ultimately, I must concede that there must be something all too human in their behavior because the same hatred we see in their words and embassy attacks I also feel inside myself wanting to be let out to rage against their rage.

Ultimately, I must simply confess that I don’t understand nor have a solution.

That’s when I must look to others.

And that’s when I look at the choices coming to us in November and ask which of these two will have the better approach to dealing with these apparently intractable issues?

One seems to want to fundamentally transform us into something those overseas protesters would no longer rage against. But when I see how they live and what they believe, it is simply far too alien.

I know I could never stomach such stupidity and prejudice.

What a bunch of crap!

To be 100% clear, that much change is decidedly not what I want. I don’t want it for me, or for my children, nor for my grandchildren. That society is just plain crazy/stupid and I’m not going there, literally or figuratively or politically.


The other candidate will certainly not be taking us in that direction. I like that. But what he seems likely to do leaves me feeling we will merely be putting off the problem for a later date.

And so I have to ask myself if Professor Falken in the movie War Games might have been right. He said we should step aside (by annihilating ourselves along with half the habital space on the planet) and let another species, specifically the bees, rule.

But from what little I know, they’re a much more ruthless species.

Is that much ruthlessness the only answer? Or is that simply revamping the rage I feel deep inside with a cold, passionless eradication of anything alien? Would that be “better”?

Or just expedient?

No, the problem is one for us to solve. And our society will rise or decline, stand or fall, on what the next four years brings.

My decision for November is clear. I am not hoping, nor voting, for any more of this disastrous and anarchy-tolerant change!

We don’t need to be like that.


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