Roller Coaster Match

Very strange 2700 on a spectacularly gorgeous Sunday in Phoenix.

  • Great 22: 845-20, only 10 points shy of Master class.
  • Awful CF: 786-18, Sharpshooter land.
  • Best ever 45: 825-22, well into my current Expert classification.
  • Overall: 2456-60, first time back in Expert in quite a while. I’ll take that.

The funny thing is CF and 45 are with the same firearm. Did that bag of salty peanuts between 22 and CF cause the tremors and lurches I saw in the dot? Or did the Taco Lengua (beef tongue) for lunch contribute to the 45 success after the break?

Or is it a head game and, after butchering CF, I got my head straight, focused on and did the basics, and they carried me through?


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