Unexpected Pleasures

I went to the range Friday afternoon to both get some trigger practice and also to test the loads in the brass that had been though the push-through resizer.

But when I got there, the Air National Guard was practicing for next week’s Desert Midwinter. They were testing various ammunition at the long versus the short line, doing some individual coaching, figuring out sight adjustments, etc.

I didn’t want to disrupt their practice but since I know a couple of them from previous years, I decided to put on my ears and unobtrusively go up and just say, “Hi!”

But ten minutes later and after having my arm twisted, I’m set up on point #8 and getting individual coaching just like the guys in uniform.

“Ed, you’re finger is coming completely off the trigger in Rapid Fire. Hold it down and then gently let it reset but no more.”

I shot three National Match Courses with them, found my newly re-sized brass worked fine, got the trigger practice I wanted, and came away with better Rapid Fire plus a great tip for dealing with alibis that will speed recovery if I have a second jam in the same match.

Thanks, guys!


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