97-2 Slow Fire 22

This past Sunday morning with gorgeous weather after a cold and rainy Saturday, I fired my best ever 22 Slow Fire, a 97-2X. That contributed to my best ever 22 aggregate, 849-24X.

That’s only 6 points from Master Class!

Looking at the target, what do you think, two clicks right?

That would’ve moved the group but that 2 o’clock would’ve moved out to the 8 ring and while the 8 o’clock 9 might’ve become a 10, the 7 o’clock nine would still be a 9.

Two clicks right would’ve been a 97 with … 4X?

Okay, two clicks right it is!

Here’s my 900 score card.

Slow Fire Match#184-0X
National Match CourseSlow Fire97-2X
Timed Fire98-3X
Rapid Fire97-2X
Timed Fire Match#197-2X
Rapid Fire Match#199-4X

What this demonstrates is what every Bullseye competitor learns when he/she first gets them all in the scoring rings, then all in the repair center, then all in the black and so forth. They learn they can do it.

We can all do this. Yes, it takes time and hard work, but it is possible, and it is possible for you.

You’ve seen yourself do it. And you know, from that demonstration, that you can do it.

It’s just a question of focus and practice, of diligence and determination.

And while my center fire and 45 scores were not as stellar that Sunday, the interesting thing is that it is my work on the 45 that has really paid off in the 22 as seen above. My grip is much firmer and shots with the 22 that used to waggle out to the eight or seven ring are now going out no further than the nine ring.

The 45 will come. It is coming.

And I am 100% confident that a Master Class ticket is entirely within my reach.

Yes, I can do it.

Beyond that? I’m not looking that far yet.

Right now it’s one step at a time, one shot at a time.

Raise, focus on the dot, come down into the aiming area, trigger start, dot, dot, the dot, the dot, the dot …


I don’t need to look.

It’s an X. And a nicely centered one at that.

I know it.


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